Advanced Protection Solutions

PC-20’s Advanced Protection Solutions (APS) are designed to help our greater community pandemic prepare for a “new-norm” creating one-step-closer virus-free safe environments.  Whether you are a security guard wearing an infrared helmet making sure no one walking into a supermarket has a Covid-19 high temperature, or walking into a stadium fever measurement rapid screen system seeking assurance the person next to you will not be burning up with a fever, or a face recognition temperature measurement tablet at the entrance of the restaurant / school classroom making sure the surrounding area is not causing additional medical challenges to those you care about, PC-20 has the right APS solution for you.   PC-20 pandemic preventative fever measurement solutions are also AI-intelligently optimized for police, airports, subways, shopping malls, professional and commercial applications to vehicle screen or system integrate with QR codes, face recognition, license plates for both, individual and crowd applications.