About PC-20

PC-20, a subsidiary of AEOM group of companies, is a trusted Canadian partner providing medical grade preventative healthcare products and next generation technology solutions to assist in crisis response for healthcare, security, business and civilian applications. As a social enterprise committed to helping others, our aim is to provide high volume global supply service to assist the greater community during these unprecedented times of uncertainty.

Assurance of Quality

Committed to offering quality personal preventative healthcare protection, PC-20 provides access to US FDA, CE, ANSI and other health standards compliant for personal protection products (PPP). Our next generational technology solutions can bring environment confidence to our daily lives including schools, supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores, banks, events, manufacturing plants, buildings, hotels, police, security, airports, agriculture, pharmacies and clinics.

Technology Leadership

Our AEOM group of companies encompass a stellar reputation for dependability and thought leadership on advanced solutions. AEOM’s subsidiary, ComNav, has been supplying quality products worldwide to over 100 countries and is well positioned on five continents via a technical servicing network.

Our resident team of engineers, testing experts, vendor conformance procurement programs, certification specialists, and ISO9001 documented quality management systems are designed for compliance and reliability to exceed expectations. Our firms are a premium supplier of precision products to a many government accounts worldwide, including Canada and the US, as well as a number of OEM brands internationally in the professional and commercial sectors. It is with this ingenuity and care for the greater community, we have launched PC-20’s Advanced Protection Solutions to assist others in keeping our pandemic environments virus free.

Our group is additionally committed to environmental stewardship, seeking to do our part to protect our water, air and forests so that we can conserve precious resources for the next generation. We are here to assist with the next era of human progress on pandemics and to things that really matter.